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Saturday, Dec. 9: Wallingford Center

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

three old houses

 Inspired by Suhita's endeavor to sketch hyper-local, I found this view in my neighborhood I had never noticed before. In our recent flush of sunny days, I did a few sketch sessions at this corner and drew these old houses, exaggerating the steepness of the hill to give more space to the skyline and Puget Sound.

Recently, I've taken to carrying a bag of peanuts around with me on walks to feed to crows. This sketching spot happened to be right in the territory of a pair of western scrub-jays, who would dart out as soon as I tossed a peanut to grab it off the sidewalk and go bury it in the neighbor's yard. Bird feeding and sketchwalking go hand in hand, though it definitely makes me a lot slower at drawing.


  1. This is such a "Seattle" scene, especially with the distant view with tall buildings and the Sound. Well done.

  2. Well done. I like the juxtaposition of the old houses and the new, tall buildings.

  3. Beautiful! Wonderful composition and colors, love the mixture of near and far and the snow-covered mountains.