Monthly Sketch Outing

Next Sketch Outing Sunday April 27, 2014
See Adhoc Outings for additional sketch events during the month.

Seattle USk

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Michelle Abbot
Don Baker
Frank Bettandorf
Beth Betker
Logan Bingle
Stephanie Bower 
Arlene Brenner
Lori Brown 
Kate Buike
Frances Buckmaster
Gabi Campanario
David Chamness
Frank Ching
Lynne Cotie 
Cecile Disenhouse 
Paula Ensign 
Jeffrey Floor
Peggy Gloth
Peggy Haug
Jackie Helfgott
David Hingtgen
Jan Hurley
Kate Jones
Tina Koyama
Chris Kopet
Beth Larkin
Teresa Lawson
Anita Lehman
Delorse Lovelady
Susan K. Miller 
Dave Morris
Charles Mostow
Warren Munsell
Sarah Oberklaid
Steve Reddy
Steven Reed
Mark Ryan
Will Scales
Mark Selander
Dan Seng
Debra Simecek-Beatty 
Al Skaar
Mark Smedley
Tim Taylor
Jonathan Teng
Billie Torbenson
Kay Tyllia
Michael Webber 
Julie Wieringa
Jane Wingfield
Christopher Wong
Gail Wong
Carleen Zimmerman

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  1. Hello Seattle Sketchers! I have been living (and sketching) in Thailand but had to return to the Pacific Northwest unexpectedly due to a family emergency. I am so looking forward to picking up the work here and meeting some of you. If all goes well, I will be at Pike Place market this Sunday. Until then, look for me on the flickr stream because I'm joining in!!

    Amy D'Apice