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Sunday, 12 noon, Dec. 16: Downtown Library

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

From the Upper Lobby

I sat in the upper lobby but didn't have any of the staff try & move me or my stool. Maybe I was out of their sight lines?? My first sketch I looked almost straight up into the confluence of the different ceiling forms and spaces. The yellow lighting coming from the windows and hanging fixtures gave everything a warm glow, but also made it difficult to differentiate between objects in my sketch.
As I was waiting on colors to dry I started on a lower view of the plywood structure and the yellow light fixtures.  I introduced green into the sketch to differentiate the steel girders holding up the plywood forms.
I loved having a big rail wall next to me to place my wet sketch books.  I like working between multiple views so that could spend the whole time drawing and painting.  I get impatient waiting for the paint to dry.

In the end I had to draw Lynn because she was so patiently holding her pose sketching away in my foreground.  In the second view I ran out of paper at the bottom to include her... poor planning on my part.  Great day to sketch indoors and wonderful to see another large group of sketchers.