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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coffee roasting at Herkimer Coffee on Greenwood

I thought it looked like they had a locomotive parked in the backroom.


  1. Such an industrial sketch. Coffee shops: Our 21st century assembly line. Very nice.

  2. Can the public watch the process or did you have special access? Great sketch!

  3. Love this sketch! Great capture of the activity.

  4. They have a bar with an open window so you can talk to the folks in back and smell the coffee roasting.
    Thank you for the comments.

  5. They have an open window with a bar and stools.
    You can talk to the folks in back and smell the roasting coffee beans.
    Thank you for the nice comments.

  6. Hi David, how's it going? I'm a coffee roaster in Mexico, and just finished writing a blog about the art of roasting, and through the body, I depict a similarity between an artist mixing colors to get a specific tone, and how us roasters measure the precise moment on when to retire the coffee beans using our senses (sight, smell and hearing. I saw your drawing and I would love to use it, since it depicts a coffee roaster made by an artist!! Would you give me permission to use it in our blog? I leave the url if you want to visit it, although is in spanish :)

    Cheers!! and excelent work!
    José del Bosque