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Monday, April 5, 2010

View from Our Windowseat and other sketches

A few sketch entries in my book since we last met. The first is at a Choir concert for the Garfield High School Choir. This was at their new Performing Arts Auditorium, they had just come back from performing at Carnegie Hall and wanted to perform for parents.... wonderful evening... The second is from Fuel Coffee Shop in Montlake. This use to be the Montlake library! The third is from our window seat looking at the blooming crabapple tree.


  1. Gail,
    These are very enjoyable. I admire how you can execute so easily three very different subjects and capture the moment. Thank you for posting these.
    Frank in Mount Vernon

  2. Thanks Frank,
    I am having fun doing it.

  3. What a wealth of entertainment! beautiful sketches let me live vicariously through you for this little while!

  4. Really enjoyed the mood created by the cup and reflection in 'window seat' great sketches!

  5. I love these. Sometime I want to watch you in action! Your lines are so action packed!

  6. Thanks all...I haven't been able to get "out" to sketch so these were found opportunities!