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July 10 Georgetown Garden Walk

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Toghether again

Congratulations to Urban Sketchers Bainbridge Island for their relatively recent approval as an official branch! To celebrate, we planned a joint outing. This was the second time we've done so. Many of the Seattle sketchers rode over together on the ferry. I did not so I have not sketches or photos to share.

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art was our base. We gathered there upon arrival and then again to share sketches.

I already had a sketch location in mind from the previous visit. I liked the model of the Eiffel Tower and the sign. Of course, cars parked in front, blocking most of my view. But I'd gotten the basics down beforehand.

As I walked around the charming central town I noticed this spot. I returned there to do my second sketch of the outing.

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  1. Terrific colorful sketches! And I can't believe how good we all look in that group photo. . . no one has their eyes closed or is grimacing! ;-)

    - Tina