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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cloudy but Warm Welcome from Bainbridge

6/30/18 Awkward Grace at Bainbridge Farmers Market
6/30/18 Sue and Natalie on the ferry
Going to Bainbridge Island always feels like a little vacation, even if it’s only a 30-minute ferry ride from Seattle across Puget Sound. Although I might have chosen a sunnier day for such a vacation, the welcome from Bainbridge Island USk was warm for our first joint sketch outing since BI USk formed its own chapter.

The last time we sketched on Bainbridge was nearly a year ago for our Mega Pity Party – three consecutive days of sketching (during the weekend that would have been the West Coast Sketchcrawl, had it not been cancelled). Saturday’s celebration was a bit cloudier, though I daresay we still got a strong turnout from both groups.

As it did last year, hunger drove me to my first sketch of the morning – the Bainbridge Farmers Market just a few blocks from the ferry terminal. I found a delicious chocolate croissant to munch while sketching the folk group Awkward Grace entertaining the crowd.

6/30/18 Eagle Harbor Congregational Church
Fully fortified with carbs, I went out looking for Eagle Harbor Congregational Church, which Paula Ensign (co-admin for BI USk) had told me about. The fully overcast sky made it hard to see which direction the sun was trying to shine from, but I did my best squinting to find a few shadows.

6/30/18 downtown Winslow
For my last sketch before the throwdown, I warmed up with a cup of coffee as I captured a couple of girls having lunch.

That wasn’t my last sketch of the day, though. Waiting for our ride, I did a quick one of a ferry moored near the terminal. Then on the ride home, I made a tiny panorama of one of my favorite views of downtown Seattle – the one that can be seen only from a boat.

6/30/18 Moored ferry at the Bainbridge terminal

6/30/18 downtown Seattle from Puget Sound

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