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Monday, April 30, 2018


This past weekend was Linux Fest NW in Bellingham. We go every year. Himself attends both days. I pick and choose. This year I only attended one panel and it was a disappointment as it wasn't quite what I'd hoped.

Mostly I sketch, wander around town, and go to art, craft and book stores!

After dropping Himself off at the venue on Saturday morning, I drove around the corner to sketch this amazingly purple Victorian. It was pouring rain so I was fortunate the be able to park in a location with the view I wanted. I kept having to run the wipers to see my subject. I tried a new technique... drawing only with pencil.

Soon it was time to join Urban Sketchers Bellingham at noon for their outing to Wander Brewing. The ability to travel and meet up with other USk'ers is one of the many great things about Urban Sketchers. It was a fun outing and a nice group of sketchers.

A couple sketchers had already left by the time we had the throw down and group photo.

On my way to await Himself finishing the day, I drove past this burger joint. I pulled in to do another sketch from the car.  I finished just as he called me to pick him up.  

I brought 4 original sketches to abandon as I'd done them in Bellingham some years ago. I  left them around town in the locations where I'd sketched them.  This last one I left at the venue for Linux Fest where I'd sketched it while waiting for Himself 3 years ago. 

Sunday was wash and repeat. Again, after dropping Himself off, I went back to Home Skillet as it wasn't raining. I didn't go inside today, either, because there was still a line.  It's so wacky and colorful I rather wished I'd asked to just peek inside.  I sat on a stool near the street to sketch Velveeta.   It's my favorite sketch of the weekend. 

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  1. What a colorful weekend! :-) And very cool that you got to meet up with Bellingham USk.

    - Tina