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Friday, Dec. 14: Swanson's Nursery Reindeer Festival

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

LFP Towncenter

Sunday with the weather rainy and breezy, it was good to spend some time at the town center in Lake Forest Park.  There were many residents who had the same thought by meeting with friends, playing games, getting a meal / a cup of coffee or just wandering through Third Place Books. 

Below are my attempts to capture a bigger picture in the town center by just quickly sketching out the scene; quickly moving around to the different groupings of people and not stopping to think about what I was viewing too much.  I tried to keep the pen moving!  I quickly then added the watercolors with larger brush strokes, building from the lightest colors to the dark shadows / reds.  

 With a view from the lower level of the town center looking up the escalator toward the bookstore; I really used bold strokes and intense colors.  Sometimes using intense colors works to draw your eye up the escalator to the point of focus for the sketch.  The bench also comes into play as another point of focus.

Hope you enjoy these sketches and I will be teaching an upcoming class of these techniques for Seattle Urban Sketchers in the coming months.   Keep a look out for dates and times for all the classes.