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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, July 28, 2017

McGraw Square

Urban Sketchers Seattle met this morning at McGraw Square, a tiny park in downtown Seattle. A bronze sculpture of John Harte McGraw, former King County Sheriff and Governor of Washington, presides over the park. He sounds like he had good ideas and stood up for social justice and racial equality so his presence in the park is agreeable.

Bronze sculpture of John Harte McGraw
The monorail stretches along the west side of McGraw Square transporting residents and tourists back and forth to the Seattle Center. Housing retail, medical and business offices,the buildings rising up from each side of the square are a history lesson of architectural styles.

Flower baskets brighten McGraw Square
Steps surrounding the sculpture offer good seating for visitors relaxing or enjoying lunch.  I noticed a few food carts on the outskirts of the square and the food truck parked in the middle of the square had a steady line of customers.  Painted in pretty colors, the tables and chairs scattered throughout the park are welcoming and inviting. 

Times Square Building
The Times Square Building to the west of the square is a registered historic landmark. I’ve admired this building from afar many times. Finding myself on a sidewalk with view of the building, I took advantage and sketched the panorama. One passerby thought I was drawing castles.

Sketcher table
 After sketching, the group met in the middle of the square for a throw down. The rose among sketches is from a floral shop on the square. Given to an urban sketcher in appreciation of her floral shop sketch, the sweet fragrance set a summer mood.
Urban Skethers Seattle ad hoc group
We found someone to take a group photo and parted ways until the next time.


  1. You got a lot of sketches done! Good work. Wish I was there instead of where I am (as it's 106 degrees in the shade).

    1. Thanks Kate! It was a beautiful day in Seattle, perfect temperature for sketching.