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Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 2016 Sketchcrawl-Starbucks and Melrose Market

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1/24/16 Sunday's sketches from USKSeattle Sketchcrawl -- I sketched here with USKSeattle in February, 2015
Last time, I spent the day outdoors. This time, I decided to come inside more often.

I started out on the corner across the street from Starbucks Roastery, drawing the logo sign on the roof corner, (if you zoom in, top right, you can see Gail siting her sketch) then I followed the bronze coffee beans embedded in the sidewalk in front of Starbucks' front door.
A trail of bronze coffee beans and a rain-soaked leaf pointed the way downhill to Melrose Market
I ended up half a block down the street at the Melrose Market. What a wonderful place! From the main corridor, you can get an overview of the entire marketplace, but it was fascinating to watch the busy chefs at work in the kitchen at Sitka & Spruce. A beautiful tray of fresh baked scones loomed tantalizingly on the butcher block counter, tiny flowers were placed at the chef's table. I realized my sketches were mostly brown and grey, so I was happy to find a red chair with two fresh baguettes sitting in it and the red door at the end of the hallway.
A pair of sketchers, an "evergreen" sticker, a red door, and pussy willows in a vase atop an old oak barrel.
Harris was kind enough to let me get this shot with her cell phone camera. Thanks, H!
I counted 36 sketchers on the sidewalk outside the Melrose Market sharing their "catch of the day", but I know several who were not able to stay the entire session. I'm sure Jane will soon post up one of the group photos she got in front of Starbucks.

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