Next Sketch Outing

Sunday, Jan. 20, 1 p.m.: Suzzallo Library

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Whether field sketching, trip sketching or urban sketching, the sketcher is always grappling with these four issues:

                                                      1.  Is this a sketch moment?    

                                                 2. How can I convey a sense of place?

                                                   3.  What tools do I choose to use?


                                              4.  And finally, how much time do I have?
If sketching during sunrise or sunset, colors change quickly.  If sketching from the passenger seat of a moving car, scenery changes quickly. "GISS" sketching line and color is often sufficient to portray the image of the object or habitat.  I usually use Uniball or Micron pens, and if I mis-sketch something, I draw over it and turn it into something else.  I rarely use pencil because I will want to erase my mistakes.  I always label the place, date and time as well as birds seen or heard.  I always sketch live from the field, never from memory or photos. I do not create art in the field, but use art and language to record my observations.