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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Arts, the "Inside Story" at Washington State Fair

The visitors to the Home Arts Exhibit were as many and varied as the pieces in the quilts displayed above their heads
Last Friday I was at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup with the ad hoc group of Seattle Urban Sketchers. While many of the sketchers headed outdoors for the animal barns and the food concourse, I went into the Pavilion near the Gold Gate where we met. I stood in the back corner upstairs near the elevator while sketching the handmade quilt display. It amazes me to think of the hours, weeks and even years of time that goes into these. The case displaying the "Octopus Quilt" made it look like he had his own little aquarium.

I spent the majority of my morning just sketching right there in my little corner, as the apple and pear pie making demonstration progressed nearby. During that time, three people working hospitality for the fair came over to offer me a chair (I almost always sketch standing up). After about an hour, I was ready to take them up on that offer, but I couldn't since I had already established my eye level. Here's a shot of my viewpoint and the sketch in process.

Speaking of eye level, there was an unusually large number of very tall people poking their heads above the display boards.

In my last post, I included the left side of this two page spread.  However, I really needed two pages for this subject.
Here's how the two page spread looks together.
My way of sketching a series of events is to compile each impression into a combined happening. I want to express the effect of multiple sensory input and time compression to share with the viewer the overall impact of having been a part of the entire experience.

Click here to see more about the left side of the spread. Spoiler alert! Dole Whip and Scones!

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