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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bradner Gardens Sketches, Color and Text Added

In my previous post on Friday, August 21, I included the ink line sketches that I did that morning with the ad hoc group. I said "I'm serving them up fresh out of the garden before I cook 'em with watercolor and garnish with text." Well, they're cooked and here they are!

I wrote notes in the sketches. Tap or click to zoom if you want to read them.

Although the story is true, my reportage took the form of a fairy tale to help our little great granddaughter remember the day.
As with any bride, the setting is as important as the dress. At Bradner Gardens, they have positioned her in a clearing of her own, backed by a screen of trees and flanked by a bed of pink cosmos.
Micron black pen, watercolor and watercolor pencils, logo collage.
I nicknamed the large P-Patch "The Garden of the Undead" The "scare rabbit" just looked like a zombie. He was the right color, for sure, and he had these "x" shaped stitches in his ears and on his pouch/pocket.
Power source at the ready, all we need now is a kite and some lightning.
I started in the Children's Garden, sketched the bride scarecrow in the northern P-Patch, toured the rest of the sculptures and ended with these two from the large P-Patch in the southeast corner of the garden.The rest of the ad hoc group of USk Seattle were sketching their own subjects around the garden. See all their great sketches in previous posts and on Flickr.
At the end of the meet up we met in the center at the Pavilion to share our sketches. -August 21, 2015.

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