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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, July 13, 2015

Georgetown Garden Detour

What a crazy day for me. Just as I was approaching our meet-up spot at the Bank of America my iPhone navigation  system led me right back on the freeway heading north. So I had to go way north then wind my way through the neighborhood to find my way back. Then heading back to Oxbow Park I took a wrong turn and missed seeing everyone's work.

Crazy morning. But in the middle I had a great time sketching the Georgetown Trailer Park using a different technique. Thanks to Gail Wong for her tutelage in this process.

I got to see some of the gardens on the way back to the car but didn't have time to do any more sketching. I'd love to go again next year now that I know the neighborhood!

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  1. I hardly recognized this as yours on flickr! Very different but a beautiful portrayal of the "Mall". I'd like to go back to this event every year!