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Friday, March 13, 2015

Ada’s Technical Books & Café

3/13/15 Facing 15th Ave. E.
“For the cravings of the technical mind.”

That’s the slogan at Ada’s Technical Books & Café on Capitol Hill. With a focus on math, engineering and science, the shop is decorated with things like slide rules, compasses and other geeky delights.

My mind is about as technical as a blueberry scone, which, after greeting the other Friday sketchers inside the café, I took outside to the porch facing 15th Avenue East. Enjoying my coffee and snack in the mild temperature, I spotted a bright yellow pedestrian crossing sign that had been doctored with a sticker. Only in Seattle!

After that sketch, I went inside to the very back of Ada’s, where a small library-like room looks out on the café counter, bookcases, high ceiling and polished wood floors. Ada’s is a fun, eclectic place even if you don’t have a technical mind.

3/13/15 Inside Ada's Technical Books & Cafe

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