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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunny Seattle

Can you believe this sun!  Tuesday was great and then cloudy until today.   I was able to catch a sketch Tuesday morning.  I did the line work of the house and tree across the street.  I thought I would wait until the next morning to add color.  But to my dismay it was cloudy.  So I waited...and waited... and waited until this morning which was the first sunny day again in 4 days.

These were done on a very inexpensive sketchbook Canson Mixed Media sketchbook.  98 lb paper.
It was recommended to me by Daniel Smith as a cheap alternative sketchbook for the summer sketching class I teach at the UW.   The paper is thin but not bad.  The washes come out okay.  It is not one where I would add a lot of water.  The paper does wrinkle so it is hard to do wet on wet.