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Monday, March 10, 2014

Super sized

Inspired by the large formats of Gabi's sketches at Mohai's "Drawn to Seattle" but without their curating budget, I decided to try to do an extra large sketch of Olympia's skyline on an 18" x 24" making the finished piece 4 ft wide. I plan to mount a copy of it on foam core and cut it out to stand on a shelf or window sill at Thomas Architecture during Olympia's Artwalk in April.

 I'll keep you posted about how it goes.  


  1. This is great Jane. I love the idea of mounting on a foam board. I want to see the final result!I recently gave away a couple of paintings I did on large wood boards for a party (which I instantly regretted) and then became inspired to do more large pieces sketch-style, or figure out a way to blow up and mount prints... Yes the huge wall-style prints of Gabi's sketches were incredible.

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    1. Jane,
      Great effort. I just saw that this is the first of two pieces...It will be great to see the whole thing!