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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lunch on the rainy San Antonio Riverwalk

At the end of February, I was in San Antonio TX to meet with the Gabriel Prize jury and present my project watercolors (after American Airlines LOST the paintings somewhere between Seattle and Dallas for 36 hours--talk about stress!!)

The weather was sadly very cold and very wet (where is the Texas sun when you need it?), so I sat inside and grabbed a quick lunch of beef brisket :) at The County Line on the Riverwalk.

I used a very muted painting palette of nickel azo yellow, cobalt blue and permanent alizarin crimson, the same colors I've asked the Good Bones workshop participants to use.  It's interesting to use these colors, as they each have very different characteristics.  Although you can't get a really good dark with these colors, it can be helpful to use a simple triad color palette as it gives you a harmonious painting.

Quick lunch on the rainy San Antonio Riverwalk. 

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