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Monday, November 18, 2013

UW Botany Greenhouse

Found my way to the back of one of the green house wings and planted my stool in the corner.  It felt like I was in a jungle, with plants hanging over the aisle and my head.  I hardly saw a soul for the next hour as I sketched and enjoyed the bit of "spring" with sunlight streaming into the upper reaches of the greenhouse.  Filtered winter sunlight is great to draw in when you are warm and toasty.


 As I became quite warm in the heated building, I decided to head to the entrance outside and enjoy a bit of sun and a slight breeze on my back.  The scale of some plants is enormous... a large "artichoke" like plant to the right and large yellow "trumpet" flowers hanging from tree-like plants to the left.  As you can see I need a botanist to identify what I was drawing yesterday!

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  1. I love love love your sketches...just the right amount of line, beautiful rich colors, and always interesting viewpoints. Such great work, David.