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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Portrait of a Youth ~ Boehms Candy Store, Issaquah

This month's sketchcrawl at Boehms Candy Store in Issaquah included an interesting tour of the store led by our gracious host clad in a Swiss-type outfit. It was my birthday that day so this open book to the page, "Portrait of a Youth" caught my eye. My favorite part about this back corner of this upstairs room in the Chalet was the back wall, the window glass, and the red lamp. I didn't even notice the little green baby girl until I sat down to draw. I thought I should stop and leave out the wooden figures on the back of the wooden nook, and leaving them out would probably have made for a better overall sketch, but something wouldn't let me They seemed like they were watching over the little green girl, looking back on their own lives, wondering why they let some of their dreams fade away, why they worked so hard pushing their carts and taking care of their livestock, and why they got so fat drinking the beer from their barrels.

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