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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saluti da Civita

I'm happy to welcome fellow urban sketcher Anita Lehmann to Civita today, also here on a fellowship from the Northwest Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in Italy. I'm sure she'll inspire me to up my game and do more sketches, in between my digging through the archives here.

Below is my most recent sketch showing the entrance to the Civita Institute properties here. Anita is settling into Lo Studio, the first house on the left, while I'm in Il Nuovo, up the stairs.

Before Anita arrived, I've been photographing and sketching some of my favorite aspects of Lo Studio. Below is a self-portrait on the lower level terrace, overlooking the main street, with the library space behind me - a great spot for breakfast on a hot summer day.

At the bottom is the view from one of the upper level windows, showing how the typical in-swinging casement windows reflect both light and views inside, through the thick, stone walls.

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