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Wednesday, July 17: Fishermen's Terminal

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bike 'n Sketch in Fremont

How could I NOT bike on a glorious day like we had Friday, May 10?!?  So perfect!  We met at the Lenin Statue, decided where we'd meet in 2 hours, and went our own ways.  I turned to walk up 36th St. and stopped.  That Fremont Cigar building  in bright yellow was calling to me. Why look further?
I sat on a hump of dried grass at the base of a tree, and enjoyed the process.  After an hour or so   in the shade, I knew my next location needed to be in the sun.

 I walked my bike barely 100 yards, and almost immediately,  I got hooked again.  This time it was the brilliant orange California poppies!  By stepping back a bit, I was able to include the bar 9 Million in Unmarked Bills in my sketch.  Interesting building that fits into the triangle formed by Fremont Pl. N and N 35th St.

I do love pencil sketching, so in this sketch, I started with 2 Derwent Inktense pencils, followed by ink highlights with Platinum Carbon ink.
I was able to add some w/c later at home.

After we had gathered to show our work, I went over to Peet's, sat outside with my latte, and sketched the McKenzie Building, which now houses Dusty Strings.  I've never been in there, but I have 2 friends who have worked there.  Can you believe it was hot?! too hot to stay and try to add color, so I packed up and biked UP Stone Way to home. WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!


  1. LOVE the perspective in the Fremont Cigar sketch! Wish I could have joined you.

  2. Were the Derwent Inktense pencils watercolor pencils? You mention 2 pencils. Are there certain Inktense pencils you like to carry with you for sketching? I'm just starting with sketching and enjoy hearing what others use. Thanks! Wonderful sketches! I especially like the 90 Million in Unmarked Bills building.

  3. To answer Teacher5Reader, Yes, all Derwent "Inktense" pencils are water-soluble. And yes, I do bring along a few of the earthy colors - a green, and a brown, a mauve-purple, and a Payne's gray. When water is added to parts of the sketch where the intense pencils were used, you get a more intense coloring. I don't usually use the intense alone for the entire sketch, rather just certain areas I want to highlight.

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