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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Saturday, April 13, 2013

WW Sketch Crawl at University Village

pencil sketch draft 4B on Aquabee 93#
 I took Gabi's recent post to heart and decided to warm up with a pencil sketch, choosing my composition. The construction crew was working and the crane was re-positioned twice during this draft. I did not like either crane position..but wanted to challenge myself with a crane sketch.

After choosing my focal point and editing out some extra umbrella tables, I began the sketch with a Staedtler 0.1 fine tip pen. Suddenly the construction noise began indicating the crane was going to re-positioned. When it ended up like this, I quickly sketched it with the fine tip ink pen before it moved again. Challenges were to not overdraw the support structure.

Staedtler 0.1 and watercolor on 140#, highlights with Uniball and PITT artist pen

I finished the sketch in ink, trying to use line and contrast to draw the eye to Mrs.Cook's. I added watercolor splashes with more intense color at my focal point. Challenges were to not overpaint.
I added a few highlights with Uniball, PITT artist pen and few touches of intense color highlights when I got home. I was dressed for cold, but my finger tips were numb after two hours outside.


  1. I love the way the store pops out but there is still foreground and background.

  2. Thanks, Jane. I tried to pump Gail and Frank..they told me to wait for the April workshop "Line to Color". Ha ha..I have much to learn!