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Sunday, May 15
King Street Station
303 S Jackson St

Sketch the station or surrounding International District or south Pioneer Square.

Meet at 10:00 AM
End meet-up at 12:30 pm
Let's meet outside the station if it's nice weather; inside if it's raining
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

St. James Cathedral

1/24/13 fountain pen, watercolor
I knew I would probably have to miss the USK sketchcrawl at St. James Cathedral in February, so last week after visiting the Frye Art Museum, I strategically parked my car in Frye’s lot so that I had a clear view of the cathedral’s towers. I regret missing the interior, but at least I got a little of the exterior.
Last month I began a self-inflicted exercise to practice drawing vehicles (let’s just say they aren’t my strong suit). So far I’ve tried a BMW, an unidentified pick-up and a Subaru Impreza. I hadn’t yet tackled a Prius’ arched roof and broad back end, so the one parked in front of me was a good opportunity. (Reflected in the backseat window is the top of one of St. James’ towers.)

1/24/13 fountain pen, Zig markers

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  1. Great job, Tina! I know exactly where you parked, because last summer I sketched the same viewpoint. And the car is surely impressive!