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Monday, January 28, 2013

from the kitchen window..

Our kitchen doesn't really have a window although I can see a rooftop and the sky thru the sliding glass doors in the living room area, which I love. Anyway, Gina has been cat sitting for our neighbors in the building next door, so since they were away I took advantage of the street side view while standing at their kitchen counter. Morey the cat, was very vocal about the fact that I was not there to feed him, but we did have conversation. This view is from 14th & Pine looking SW.


  1. Lynne, the composition and the strong interplay of light and dark is simply STUNNING!!

  2. Lynne, this is a really beautiful sketch...the color palette is great with the greens playing off the reds and the dark neutral street, and I really like the power poles bisecting the sketch in just the right place. The dark foreground railing frames the view nicely too.

  3. I really like this sketch too. It reminds me of a Hopper composition.