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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More EMP

The structure is overwhelming to draw. The colors were appealing and intense. I can hardly imagine how Gerry et. al. drew up the designs much less how the builders interpreted drawings for construction. I really like the building though. 

Too bad the guards are so fastidious. I wasn't admonished personally, probably because I hugged the wall and the railing after hearing of the lack of welcome.


  1. Jane, your colors are so beautiful, and that red rail is amazing! Depth and 3-dimensionality in paint! the structure is indeed overwhelming.

    About the building and how it was done, I actually know a little about that becuase I did the renderings of this building for Vulcan before it was built.
    Gehry's office used a 3-d modeling program called Catia which I was told was the same program used by Boeing. I remember scratching my head and laughing as I looked at the drawings and tried to figure out how I'd construct the perspective in the rendering...
    and I have NO idea how the contractors built this thing. But of course, they could have messed up and we'd really never know!!

  2. Ditto on the railing -- fantastic!

  3. Jane, I love how you used the watercolor values to paint the reflections. Beautiful colors and curves.