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Saturday, Feb. 24: Gab & Grab

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A rainy Sunday afternoon in the vintage mall.

Of all the different approaches to sketching, this is my favorite. Starting without any pencil or guiding marks, ignoring the hues, not choosing a focal point. It's more a meditation on contour and assemblage. The notion of "a mistake"- whether in perspective or proportion, omission or placement- becomes moot. A clutter of things I don't recognize and can't name allows me to see not "the thing," but rather "this bend meeting that point, and this line almost parallels that one." I don't stop until I can't see anything else to draw and then I'm sort of bummed to be finished- surprised that so little, or so much, time has passed.


  1. Superb!! "Your way"...(no pencil, just starting) is my favorite! Drawing at it's most enjoyable!'s "funniest"! This drawing is great! BJR

  2. I just love your sketches. You have such a clear, identifiable style, and it works so well. The approach is perfect for this subject, makes me want to look at every cool thing on every shelf in your sketch and in that shop! And what patience you have...really nice.