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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sketching with the Bay Area Sketchers

Euclid Ave.  Berkeley, CA

Bay Area sketchers
 Beginning of August I spent in California visiting family.  I did have time to meet up with the Bay Area sketchers who rearranged their meet up date so I could come sketch with them.  We met at the north end of the UC Berkeley campus which I fondly remember from my undergrad days at Berkeley.
Euclid Ave. is a quaint street that hasn't lost its charm.  It still has buildings that were built at the turn of the 20th century.  In one small block there were a lot of options for sketching.  Above was the sketch I did.

These Urban sketchers are attracting attention.  The week before they sketched at the Berkeley Post Office which is slated to be sold..there were people protesting in front of the Post office.  Bay Area sketchers were there to sketch the demonstrations and picked up a sketcher that joined them for the first time on this sketchcrawl.

While we were sketching a couple of people stopped to was a journalism professor teaching at Cal.  She came back with a friend to see our final work.  See the other great work of these sketchers on the attached link.

It was great to hook up with our extended community and meet the people whom you have been in contact with via comments on flickr.


  1. Lovely sketch, Gail. I like these exchanges that are happening.

  2. Gail--

    Your sketch is great! It was so good to meet you. I'm encouraged to connect with other urban sketchers in my travels. I hope our paths cross again.