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Friday, May 24: Folklife

Thursday, August 9, 2012

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I didn’t know what to expect when I drove up to the entrance of the Washington  Correction Center for Women on Tuesday. The courtyard and classroom were much more friendly looking than I expected with flowers and plants the women cultivate; but they didn’t compare with the friendly reception we had from the 30 or so women who participated in the workshop. Gabi introduced some beginning exercises – contour drawing and drawing with the non-dominant hand. The women laughed, made fun of themselves and encouraged each other. We got to connect, encourage, laugh and be impressed with their drawings and their receptivity. They were really responsive and seemed very happy and grateful that we came many thanking us warmly with hugs and smiles. I definitely went away feeling uplifted and grateful…there but for fortune…
Many thanks to Jackie for setting it all up. 

 Gabi and Frank in the waiting room


  1. Excellent work by all the Seattle USK members who did this! The IF project is front page of today's Seattle Times