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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tacoma Sketches

I really enjoyed spending the day with all the sketchers from Portland, Whidbey and Seattle.
It was a day to share stories and creativity with a great bunch of people.  I enjoyed sketching the Glass Museum because of the forms, capturing some other sketchers (Billie and Kate) and because my friend Wyn was the designer in Erickson's office who designed the building.

Lunch was fun because we all sat around sharing our sketch books, stories and a wonderful meal at The Swiss.  The wait staff did a great job of getting 35+ lunches to us and keeping the tabs straight.
Afterwards I sketched The Swiss to help me remember the meal in the future.

(Posted the rest of my sketches from the day on the flickr USkSeattle site).

Sharing sketches after the morning session.

The smaller group sharing sketches in the late afternoon.

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