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Sunday, March 19
Hales Brewery & Pub
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11:00 AM till 1:30 PM*
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcoming the Year of the Dragon!

Like David H. last weekend I did the WW Sketchcrawl solo. Escaping the lack of power and water in Olympia, I came up to Seattle's International District in hopes of catching the opening Lion Dance. I missed it but caught the dragon at the Wing Luke and colored it using Brushes on an IPad. 

I still have to work on the second dragon sketch. Think I'll use real paint for that. 

I may go again this weekend for the full celebration depending on the weather prediction. It's such a colorful and lively event and Seattle's ID was listed as one of the top places in the country to celebrate the lunar new year.


  1. So if I understand what you wrote, you sketched it first on paper, then somehow transferred it to your iPad to add the colors from Brushes?

    How did you do that?


    1. I got the idea from Frank Ching. I scanned the b/w image into my laptop and sent it to my gmail account. I then opened my gmail account on the ipad and downloaded it and opened it in Brushes.