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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy Olympia I spent a few hours sketching at Olympian's own occupation. Close to one hundred tents line the banks of Olympia's Capitol Lake. It was cool and overcast as I wandered through the encampment. As I sketched, sitting on my portable stool, an occupation resident offered me a blanket to keep my legs warm. A few hours of sketching is a heck of a lot easier than camping lakeside in November. 
 Encampment as seen from across the lake.

 Welcome to Occupy Olympia!

I gotta hand it to the residents for stamina and fortitude. They have a pretty good community kitchen, a shelter for "elders", and even an art center where folks, especially kids, can go to make art.


  1. Nicely done, Jane. My favorite sketches are like these - they capture a unique time.

  2. Jane,
    This is an excellent example of what sketching is all about. You've captured the spirit and the drama with your sketches and writing. Thanks.
    Frank B

  3. Love these sketches and the story they tell!