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Friday, November 4, 2011

November in China, still in shorts and a T-shirt.

An alley near my dorm.
‎15,000 students here at JCI and they sleep 6 to a room with no hot water or showers. They walk to this Bathing House that is heated by burning huge piles of old reclaimed plywood, some still covered in paint or plaster. You can see the girls (less often the boys) walking at night in their slippers and wet hair, carrying plastic buckets of soap and washcloths. The smoke billows onto the sports courts, into open windows and onto clotheslines. (We teachers have nice hot showers in our rooms, thankfully.)
Coffee shop waiting out the rain.

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  1. More great sketches, Steve. If the Chinese baths are anything like the Japanese ones they're wonderful. Take a hot soak in the evening and you're warm to the core. Thanks for breaking through the Great Firewall and posting these images of your journey.