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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, January 16, 2011

double tall nonfat latte

As Gail noted, glad to be sketching instead of watching the Hawks go down. These are both from Bauhaus Coffee (enjoyed from the balcony with the always delightful Frank B).

Gabi sketches for the Seattle Times; I sketched this with the Times. The second is a "modified contour" drawing (thanks for helping me figure out what to call it, Gail!)


  1. absolutely love this collage, Susan! What a treat to see you and claim I was there when you did this.

  2. Susan,
    Great sketches. I was impressed that you had time and the materials to do a collage. Love the colors.
    I also really love the modified blind contour drawing!

  3. Susan,
    Great watching you work and the contour drawing is just amazing!
    Frank B

  4. Both are very well done! What a range in style.