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Tutorial on Blog Posting

For the Newbie blog correspondents here are the steps to take for posting on the blog.

 You must be signed in to the blog first.

Blogger will open up a page listing all the blogs you post to.  Select the correct blog.

Once in the USk Seattle blog, click on the button to create a New Post.

A new post page will come up with a blank box.  You can start typing in that box and add images from your computer.

Setting the size of your image and adding a caption.

Once the image shows up on the screen in the post box, you will need to click on the image.  A tool bar will appear.  This tool bar gives you the option for setting size, adjusting image location, adding or removing the captions.  Use the x-large size for the image. It will maximize your image size to the blog page.

Step 7: Adding Labels to your post.  

Labels are used to categorize the posts.  You should include your name, sketch location,  or sketch crawl label if already established.

Step 8: Include a title to your post if you have not already done that.

Step 9:  Update and Publish your post.

You can edit your post later if you want to make changes.  But remember to update any changes.
That's it!  Enjoy blogging.