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Wednesday, July 17: Fishermen's Terminal

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Down on the farm

We met at Bellevue's Kelsey Creek Park this morning. There was lots to sketch: barns, animals, and people.

I made a montage but started with a spot I'd noticed the first time I was there. It's a cute bunny bench in front of a small barn.

Earlier I'd met Charlotte with her mother, Jane, when they approached our meeting place.  Mom asked whether they could join the sketching group and I assured her children are welcome to sketch with us with their adult present.  But they hadn't brought any supplies.  As I was sketching the bunny bench, Charlotte reappeared, paper and pencil in hand!  She sat on the bench to draw so I added her to my sketch.  We shared our sketches and posed for the standard photo together! 

The rest of the montage were some of the animals and one odd flower.  I was amused by the rabbit whose name was "Cinnabun".


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