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Friday, December 15, 2023

I found the mouse

We met at the Museum of Flight today.  Everyone seemed to enjoy sketching there.  Even if one doesn't like sketching aircraft, there are other subjects, including people. 

Because I'm a volunteer there, I've sketched a lot at the Museum.  Today I chose to sketch the oldest aircraft in the collection, the Caproni Ca 20.  I learned more about it in a recent Curator Q&A with Mathew Burchette. This is the world's first fighter plane, built in early 1914.  Unlike all the others in the collection, this aircraft has not been restored.  

The Caproni family stored the plane in Italy for more than 85 years...most of the time in a monastery.  Museum staff dismantled it for shipment.  The plush mouse is there because there were so many mice running around in the barn where it was stored!  I never knew about the mouse until Mathew's Q&A video. 

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