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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Mural Project

 I went to the Museum of Flight this morning to sketch the volunteer painters working on the community mural project.  Esmeralda Vasquez created the paint by number design. @esoveresmeralda

The Museum CEO was even painting for awhile. I noted how assured his painting technique was...perhaps from his early experience as a volunteer in the Museum's aircraft restoration section. 


 The high school radio station, C89.5, was there playing very energetic music.  And one food truck.  I imagine it might be hard to find a selection of trucks this weekend what with Capitol Hill block party, Renton River Days, and other events. 

I'm reading Mike Daikubara's Sketch Now, Think Later (which I bought at Sketcher Fest).  So I was inspired to draw directly in ink.  The paper was about A5, so a little small to get much detail of the people.  

 When I arrived early, there were 2 large tour buses parked next to the Vietnam War Memorial, which is on the far west side of the Museum campus.  They were Toronto Blue Jays fans, decked out in their team shirts!

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