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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, June 16, 2023

At the Danny Woo garden again

It's been years since we last met at the Danny Woo Community Garden.  It's a warren of possible sketch scenes! The garden was build in 1975 and has 101 allotments. We noticed a pig roasting pit built in 1990 by UW archetecture students.

Personally, anytime I can get either the Space Needle or Smith Tower into a sketch, I'm on it.  This one has the Tower.  I liked the sculpture and the colorful flowers.  The sketcher on the left wasn't at the throw down so I didn't get her name. 

 Sketchers spread out around one of the more open sections. 

The highest point of the garden has a view out over the city and the stadiums.

Some sketchers had left before throw down.

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