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Saturday, Dec. 9: Wallingford Center

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The South End

We tried something new today. We sketched at two different locations. I hosted the section at the Tukwila light rail station. Only four others came and three of them left early, so no group picture.

This week is the 100 people in a week sketching challenge so the idea was to sketch people at the station. I'm not participating so I sketched one of the sculptures. This is "A Drop of Sustenance" by Tad Savinar.  It is a suspended sculpture illustrating living water, the element that provides sustenance for all creatures that pass through the region.  Until I looked it up, I thought it represented milk, as it is very white!


Then, because the weekly theme in the Urban Sketchers Flickr group is utility poles and lines, I sketched the electric wires for the trains. I stood at the very furthest end of the platform to capture this view.  As the trains arrived, the driver's cab was right next to me.  I smiled and waved, which they did in return.  I made it a quick sketch as it was cold and windy in that spot. 




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