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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Saturday, June 25, 2022

New to me in Fremont

Yesterday was our outing to the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. We haven’t been there as a group in years and I haven’t either.

I had a list! Two of the locations were either new to me or had new elements. I skipped a couple of the iconic statues and didn’t have time to get to the fourth item on my list, the dinosaur topiary.

Our plan was to change up the usual method of our sketch outing and meet for lunch at 1130. So I arrived about 10 to start sketching my list!

Sometime in the intervening years I learned about the Berlin Wall fragment. I lived in Germany for five years before the wall came down and had visited Berlin at least twice.

When I arrived, there was a woman sitting on it, which added to the composition.

I read about the Troll Forest installation in the Seattle Times. Kim Hall built the “Troll’s Knoll Forest” arch. I sketched from the opposite side in order to have a view of the troll’s profile. The little hill next to the troll is being gradually developed into Troll’s Knoll Park.

My last stop was the Lenin statue as that was also our meeting place for the sketchbook throw-down. I had sketched there before and in that post is some explanation about the statue. In addition to the red paint on the hands there is now a splatter of paint in the Ukrainian colors.

And, finally, the throw-down:

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