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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Still some sun

 This morning was again unexpectedly sunny, especially after yesterday's wild weather. It seemed another good day to go out to sketch.

First I stopped at a bakery I used to frequent a few years ago.  I sketched the truck with pumpkins, even while they decorated for Christmas.  It seems like a lot of people and places have decided to decorate right after Halloween...the prevailing attitude I've heard expressed is it's a pandemic and we need the cheer sooner rather than later.  I'm wanting until after Thanksgiving, though.


Since the weather was still good, I headed for Seward Park, where I drove through the park, along roads I'd not explored before.  

I ended up parking on the street next to the Lake Washington Blvd trail.  I wanted to sketch these Chinese stone lanterns I've noticed before. 

-Kate Buike

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