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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

marching along

hello Urban Sketchers Seattle, it's been a while since I've posted! like you all probably are, I am really excited about the warmer, happier-sketching weather just around the corner (though I am definitely counting on at least a few last gasps of winter to come). here's some pages from my sketchbook from the last week.

Sitting outside Volunteer Park CafĂ© in a sunlit moment looking up the street, trying to ignore the parents playing "Baby Shark" for their toddlers out of their phones. 

 My oyster-obsessed studio friends and I went to Taylor Shellfish Farms for happy hour and sketching. Not the best space for drawing (it's a restaurant) but the grays of the shellfish were fun to capture in neutral watercolors and ink. 

 Sunny sunday sketchwalk in Central District, just up the very steep hill from my building. My friend and I sat on the sidewalk drawing the cute old houses & Beacon Hill across the valley while eating steamed BBQ pork buns. Happy to notice the tiny buds starting on trees. Since I moved here in October I've scarcely explored my neighborhood, which makes me feel bad...blame it on the weather? 

Another happy hour with drawing buddies — at Pike Place Grill, which has an excellent view of the famous sign & maybe the best deals on drinks I've seen anywhere in Seattle.

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