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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Street of Dreams and Nostalgia in Greenwood

6/29/19 '68 Firebird

“My grandpa had a car like that.” “I learned to drive on that!” “My high school boyfriend had one of those!”

These are some of the exclamations I overheard while sketching “a mile and a half of classic rides” at the Greenwood Car Show. It’s one of my all-time favorite events to sketch, and I try to catch it every year. Last year I had a conflict and couldn’t go, so I was especially eager to get to it this year. I’ve sketched the show in rain and blistering heat, but this year the weather was perfect – temperatures in the high 60s and sunny! To top it off, Saturday’s event was even more fun than usual because USk Seattle met up for it.
6/2/19 '69 Mustang
Although the show doesn’t officially open until 8 a.m., I always arrive in the neighborhood by 7:30 a.m. so that I can find a place to park. Then I get coffee and a scone at Herkimer’s and warm up with a sketch of whatever I see from the venue’s handy benches outside. This time it was a gorgeous turquoise ’67 Mustang.

Five hours later I met the other sketchers in front of the library, where we all threw down sketches of fantastic vehicles on the street of nostalgia and dreams.

6/29/19 '41 Cadillac

6/29/19 '59 Corvette

USk Seattle at the Greenwood Car Show!
David Hingtgen was another early-bird sketcher!

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