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Sunday, June 23: Kelsey Creek Farm

Monday, April 29, 2019


We make an annual trip to Bellingham, WA for Linux Fest NW. It's a conference about the free and open computer operating system.  Himself spends all day Saturday and Sunday there. I usually sketch and visit some interesting shops. I pick and choose what I attend at the conference.

During the drive north on Friday, we took a short detour to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. This was the last weekend and most of the tulip fields had been harvested. I found one smallish field at Tulip Town.

After dropping Himself at Linux Fest on Saturday morning, I joined the Urban Sketchers Bellingham for their outing at the Farmers Market. I was early so walked around a bit but the wind was chilly. I stopped at Woods Coffee to warm up and sketch.

The B'ham Farmers Market has a lot of good artists and crafters. It was hard not to spend my sketching time looking at their work. I did do so after. My first sketch was of Jesse, a teen aged violinist with a busking permit for the Market.

The sketchers planned to "meet at the goat". This small statue of a working goat seems to be the easy spot to meet. It was a challenge to sketch because so many people were meeting. And sitting. And climbing. That chilly wind was ever present... note the blowing hair.

We met to share sketches at the side of the Market building, out of the wind.

The afternoon was spent in the charming Fairhaven neighborhood. I sketched the Dirty Dan statue again. There was a brief sprinkle but I was able to shelter under a covered lanai to finish the sketch.

On Sunday I spent most of the morning at Linux Fest.  But the afternoon was for sketching. I went to the new Waypoint Park. This area was under construction when we were here last year. The "Acid Ball", circa 1938 is part of the park build out. The concept creator was Mutuus Studio of Burien. "The Acid Accumulator from the defunct Georgia Pacific mill on Bellingham's waterfront has been transformed into a new art installation".  The title is "Waypoint".  It is covered in sprayed on, reflective, tiny glass beads. I added more industrial structures but I don't know what these are.

And then it was time to pick up Himself and head home.

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  1. Kate,
    Nice sketches, I love going to Bellingham! Very scenic.