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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Friday, January 25, 2019

SAM And Starbucks

It was a large group of sketchers who met in the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) lobby today. We numbered at least 20.

Throw down and group photo:

I've sketched it twice before, but I settled on a different view of Middle Fork. It's by John Grade. The suspended tree was made from a plaster cast of a 140 y/o western hemlock found in the Middle Fork area of the Snoqualmie River (hence the name). The contour of the tree was reproduced using thousands of pieces of reclaimed, old growth, cedar. It was completed by hundreds of volunteers under the direction of the artist and his assistants. One volunteer was a member of USk Seattle and another was associated (husband of a sketcher). 

I noticed a new Starbucks Reserve store across the street. It's an even more upscale Starbucks and has an interesting interior. However, I chose to sit at the window with Pam.
I sketched the view of SAM across the street. It's a very loose sketch with little of my usual detail! I added the Reserve logo on the edge

A few more photos here.

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