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Thursday, December 20, 2018

kirkland daytrip

I had some work stuff that took me to Kirkland last month, and just scanned those pages of my sketchbook recently. After my meeting, I spent the afternoon sketching around downtown, naturally! This second visit to the east side, ever. It was easier to get there on public transit than I expected. 

My favorite spot was the pavilion at Marina Park, a small bay right by downtown. I liked those trees which visually cut out the structure, and the view across Lake Washington is pretty great even when it's raining on and off. It was super windy and quite cold, so these sketches were done quickly. My favorite part of the above drawing are the two simple trees on the far right.

very small (2"?), very fast sketches of a nice moment I chanced upon - teens hanging out on a pier together, undeterred by rain - and the colors of the Heritage Hall building surrounded by yellow autumn leaves.

I sketched this while drinking one of the best bubble teas I've ever had (on this continent at least ;). While a lot of Kirkland is new, this part of downtown feels older and cuter than most of the town.
I was trying out a new watercolor set - Derwent Inktense pigments - which my mom had just sent me for my birthday. Thanks mom! I love them. They're so saturated, you can get very bright colors on the page even though they're dry pigments!

Last one! This is kind of a color/mood study. I'm learning that the hue of your lines really affects the mood of your drawing. I used a Kuretake Zig chisel marker, watercolor pencils, and watercolor for this one. The colors were amazing when the sun peeked out - bouncing off all the bright yellow autumn leaves, which were just past their prime. I miss leaves already :(

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