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Friday, August 24, 2018

Drawing People From the Outside In, an Urban Sketching 10x10 Workshop with Sue Heston

This is a workshop for cafe sketchers, for lounging-in-the-park sketchers, for stuck-at-the-airport sketchers. It's for sketchers interested in ordinary people, and their ordinary urban activities. The workshop is appropriate for sketchers from beginners on up, who want to improve their people drawing skills. You do not need experience with any particular media, but you should have some experience sketching from observation. We will be using markers, pen and/or pencil. We will be practicing new techniques with many quick sketches rather than focusing on one or two finished studies. I want to get you to see the unique shapes of people and start integrating them into a scene. The class will be September 29 at the Seattle Center Armory. For more information click the tab above for the 10x10 2018 Fall Schedule.

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