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Friday, March 9, 2018

Chocolate Bunnies

3/9/18 Satia trimming chocolate bunnies at Fran's

3/9/18 Spiraling staircase in Fran's historic building.
USk Seattle has sketched at Fran’s Chocolates in Georgetown in winter and in fall. Today was our first time in the near-spring, and I must say it was especially fun for a rabbit lover like me. The store was filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs! Even better, the workers visible through the viewing window were busily making them. I went straight for Satia, who was painstakingly finishing the seams on molded chocolate rabbits.

Fortified with a decadent mocha that tasted almost like straight chocolate, I took on the view I had been avoiding at my previous visits: the formidable spiral staircase.

Chocolate. . . sketching. . . does it get any better?

Many thanks to the hospitable staff at Fran's that always welcome us!

A good turnout for sketching and chocolates!

$75 gold-dusted chocolate egg filled with chocolate chicks

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